The educational program of the Petrohradská kolektiv culture center is mainly focused on the accompanying programs of its main activities. Within them, thematic lectures or artist-talks are held in our premises.

Edukační činností kulturního centra Petrohradská kolektiv jsou zejména doprovodné programy jeho hlavních aktivit. V rámci nich se v našich prostorách pořádají tématické přednášky, artist-talky a hlavně workshopy.

Noise Kitchen DIY

Noise Kitchen is a community-driven workshop dedicated to electronic / electro-acoustic music and DIY.

  • The event starts at 16:00, please arrive before 17:00.
  • Use the catalog for info and relevant links for the devices.
  • Most devices are Eurorack Modules for which you need a special rack and a power supply to be able to use them.
  • The listed price of each unit is the total price for which you will be getting your kit, being guided through the build process, and finally taking the working device home to keep.
  • Payment is cash only at the moment.
  • You do not need to bring any equipment or have any prior experience with soldering. The catalog has information on the build difficulty of each kit.
  • You do not have to finish the build in one session. The workshops are held about twice a month.
  • The workshop is Czech and English friendly.
  • There's a bar/café at the spot.

Finally, feel free to ask about anything regarding the workshops through the form below.

Fatcat press workshop

The Fatcat Press screen printing studio offers courses for public. The aim of the workshop is to try and learn the process of printing unique designs in one afternoon.

Participants will prepare the black and white motifs at home according to instructions and then email them in PDF format to Fatcat press studio the day before printing. The illumination of the screen is done digitally with a Gocco Pro machine at the initial workshop. Then according to the ideas and materials of the participants it is printed by hand with the assistance of the lecturer using eco-friendly inks. The price of the workshop includes an explanation of the technology, illumination of your own motif and self-inking of up to 20 prints. Paper and paints are provided. Textiles are brought by participants. At the end the textile will be fixed by ironing.

Paper Can Dance

PaperCanDance is independent risograph and graphic studio in Prague. We print, design and organize workshops. Our main goal is to create a platform, where people can collaborate and come up with new ideas and new projects.