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Have you left your comfort zone yet? with Soyoung Bae

Have you left your comfort zone yet? with Soyoung Bae from Daniel Konopac on Vimeo.

A kaleidoscopic snapshot of a South-Korean new media artist Soyoung Bae examining fictional moments that reflect specific cultural aspects.

“You can be anything you want to be”- A short and clichéd sentence we hear throughout our lives from mentors attempting to motivate us with the perceived possibility of endless horizons. It is a sentence that can often turn back on us as a demotivating force - combining our actual reality with the fear of leaving our comfort zone.

This video is based on conversations with south-korean new media artist Soyoung Bae during her residency at the artist-run initiative petrohradska_kolektiv in Prague in 2019.