Do you remember me?
02. 08. - 26. 08. 2022

otevření výstavy / opening
01. 08. 2022  18:00/ 6PM
soudscape by Ida Elastic  19:00/ 7PM

kino petrohradská,
Petrohradská 13,
Praha 10

Juliána Chomová
Joanna Wierzbicka
Na Liu

curated by Edita Štrajtová & Linda Vondrová

text by Linda Vondrová
graphic design by Martin Czeller (Lobster)

As a part of the opening of the exhibition ‘Do you remember me?’ there will be two screenings at Kino Petrohradská. First film called ‘Maybe Some Butterflies’ by Joanna Wierzbicka and the second film is ‘In the Blink of a Pond’ from the Series: Sinking, Mrs.XX Welcomes You, Chapter One: Imagined Kitchen, 2021 by Na Liu. The screening will run throughout the evening as part of the opening. 

In the Blink of a Pond, from the Series: Sinking, Mrs.XX Welcomes You, Chapter One: Imagined Kitchen, 2021
A film by Na Liu
4K video
2:29 mins

In the blink of a pond is a metaphysical short video. The title is adapted from the English expression in the blink an eye, meaning extremely quickly. A pot with boiling water is placed in the middle of a small hand-made space. The set in the small space refers to medieval paintings to present an out-of-real environment except for this pot. The work discusses the gradual loss of self-identity in repetitive household affairs. The boiling water (The Pond) is her last land for self-admiration. Every time when the water is boiling, Mrs. XX has to face countless choices in anxiety. She pours a tiny cup of cold water out in, only for in the blink of an eye’s calmness. This cycle goes back and forth until the extinguished water finally overflows out of the pot... Her suppressed self will eventually explode. The whole work is set in a humorous and absurd tone.

Provoz kulturních aktivit Petrohradská kolektiv je v roce 2022 finančně podpořen Ministerstvem kultury ČR, Magistrátem hlavního města Prahy, a Městskou částí Prahy 10.

The production of the cultural activities of the Petrohradská kolektiv is financially supported in 2022 by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Municipality of the City of Prague, and the Municipal District of Prague 10