Do you remember me?
02. 08. - 26. 08. 2022

otevření výstavy / opening
01. 08. 2022  18:00/ 6PM
soudscape by Ida Elastic  19:00/ 7PM

kino petrohradská,
Petrohradská 13,
Praha 10

Juliána Chomová
Joanna Wierzbicka
Na Liu

curated by Edita Štrajtová & Linda Vondrová

text by Linda Vondrová
graphic design by Martin Czeller (Lobster)

As a part of the opening of the exhibition ‘Do you remember me?’ there will be two screenings at Kino Petrohradská. First film called ‘Maybe Some Butterflies’ by Joanna Wierzbicka and the second film is ‘In the Blink of a Pond’ from the Series: Sinking, Mrs.XX Welcomes You, Chapter One: Imagined Kitchen, 2021 by Na Liu. The screening will run throughout the evening as part of the opening. 

Maybe Some Butterflies, 2021
A film by Joanna Wierzbicka

11:44 mins

Explores bodily, non-cognitive, trans-corporeal, and affective aspects of communication processes that become embodied feeling responses and have the ability to be unifying bodily experiences. The video looks at other forms of knowing rather than conscious knowing - immaterial, visceral forces that emerge through different human and non-human relations. We are all part of an affective and embodied worldmaking. Therefore, it questions the ability of language to fully represent the meaning, assuming that what we get instead is just an approximation of it. How do we know things we know, trust our gut feeling, how emotions circulate, how we feel feelings, and how they manifest as somatic bodily responses?

credits (in order of appearance):

lettering and poster design @nicolasbernklau, sound @__.ewa.__
@emmeltal @olivia.wunsche White dust Witówka river @maxwell_ashford Polish Red cattle / Bos taurus @jamlala_b Polish Heath Sheep @alexander.schul White-spotted jellyfish / Phyllorhiza punctata @saba_emma Common jellyfish / Aurelia aurita@sarabastai Anna Wierzbicka Agnieszka Wierzbicka Kuban Goose Snow Rook / Corvus frugilegus

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