Holzingerurbat ~
The official David Hasselhoff World Fancruis

01. 11. - 04. 11. 2018

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01. 11. 2018
︎6pm  Opening
︎9pm  ︎︎︎DJ nnoniqa from Trouble in Paradise

(David Michael Hasselhoff is an american actor and singer with german roots. Holzingerurbat is an european company with roots beyond space and time. A cooperation between the two parties promises the latest confrontation at the highest level of accreditation with a bitter aftertaste.)

The "Official David Hasselhoff Cruise", a 5-day mediterranean cruise on one of the most beautiful cruise ships of the Costa fleet in the middle of november, was the perfect break from stressful everyday life for Holzingerurbat. Being part of a fan crowd consisting of 500 people, all that different in age, profession, motivation, volume and drinking strength as possible, Holzingerurbat found themselves in a promotional event for an aging star. A man, that never misses a chance to set himself in relation to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Holzingerurbat returned from the cruise with more than 5000 photographs on top of a bunch of irritating feelings and accompanied by changed taste – to be reflected in an increased preference of kitsch, Holzingerurbat is in a constant search of finding a way to present this experience as close to reality as feasible.

Claudia Holzinger und Lilly Urbat (DE)
Holzingerurbat is a modern-day company related to the event industry (trivial entertainment). The main offers are hyper-realistic services. This includes eg. the planning and arranging of a company's party, especially for a nonexistent but efficiently operating the business within a public institution. As well as the documentation and commercialization of the presence in other people’s filter bubbles.

The artists and CEOs Claudia Holzinger und Lilly Urbat work in their fictional biographies 24/7, concentrating on the multiplication of their own self. Throughout the solid and personal engagement, the use of contemporary picture language and years of experience, HOLZINGERURBAT offers productive solutions for the interpretation of reality, measurable against highest standards and best know-how as well as conscience.

photo archiv Petrohradská kolektiv

Projekt zahraničních rezidencí Petrohradská kolektiv  je v roce 2018 podporován Ministerstvem kultury České republiky. 

Petrohradská kolektiv Residency Project is supported in 2018 by the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic.