Petropresents: Kit Zauhar –⁠ Introduced by Christopher Small / free entry

Kino Petrohradská

03. 07. 2023

American screenwriter Kit Zauhar will be the guest of this month's Petropresents, the selection of the best of independent world cinema, curated by screenwriter and film critic Christopher Small.Scrappy low-budget filmmaking has a new kid on the block in actor, director, and writer Kit Zauhar. Zeroing in on an Asian-American student’s premature case of postgraduate drift, she brings an altogether different charm to independent cinema with her wry, plucky, and perceptive first film. (

Screenings this evening:

Actual People (2021) written and dericted by Kit Zauhar
A girl in her final week of college goes to great lengths to win the affections of a boy from her home town of Philadelphia and ends up having to confront her escalating anxieties about her love life, family and future. (

This Closeness (2023) written and dericted by Kit Zauhar
Tensions rise when a couple stays at the home of a reclusive host, with the three entering an intimate battle to gain and reclaim territory. (

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