LIVE RADIO PUNCTUM / Klub Petrohradská


04. 09. 2023 


18    Flexible Grooves by Valoa
19    Neo Violence by DMIT.RY
20   Wenom by NEW MAGIC MEDIA
21    SEED by MIKE.H & NOT_ME

Come join us for the LIVE DJ session at Klub Petrohradská

All streamed also live on

Starting at 6 pm with Flexible Grooves:
a lithe and pulsating selection filled with bass, house and techno tunes curated by Valoa.

Following by Neo Violence:
a fresh selection of tunes full of styles related to ""club electronica"" by the head of Neo Violence label DMIT.RY.

Then at 8 pm NEW MAGIC MEDIA as Wenom:
Punk meets club, roots meets fresh leaves. She guides through her tastes and through electronic music scenes around the globe.

SEED is a long running enterprise of two DJs and promoters - Mike.H & Not_me. In their show they focus on the ethereal side
of things - from cosmic ambient to tribal, psychedelic jazz and krautrock.

Provoz kulturních aktivit Petrohradská kolektiv je v roce 2023 finančně podpořen Ministerstvem kultury ČR, Magistrátem hlavního města Prahy, a Městskou částí Prahy 10.

The production of the cultural activities of the Petrohradská kolektiv is financially supported in 2023 by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Municipality of the City of Prague, and the Municipal District of Prague 10.