06. 01. 2023


18    Flexible Grooves by Valoa
19    Neo Violence by DMIT.RY
20   Wenom by NEW MAGIC MEDIA
21    Interstellar Language by M_THREAD

◘ Come join us for the first LIVE of this year at Klub Petrohradská◘

◘◘◘ Flexible Grooves by Valos
It is a lithe and pulsating selection filled with bass, house and techno tunes curated by Valoa.
Hr started out on hip-hop, then took a liking to vinyls from labels like Ninja Tune and Warp, and through various detours into nu-jazz and Latin American sounds, he worked his way up to breakbeat full of abstract textures.

◘◘◘ Neo Violence by DMIT.RY
The head of the Neo Violence label, always brings a fresh selection of tunes full of styles related to "club electronica".

◘◘◘ Wenom by NEW MAGIC MEDIA
Punk meets club, roots meet freshly sprouting leaves. Surprising contexts and unpredictable associations. Creating sounds is political, same way as creating movements is.
Transformative Wenom in the veins.
Prague based DJ, host and journalist NEW MAGIC MEDIA guides through her tastes and through electronic music scenes around the globe.

◘◘◘ Interstellar Language by M_THREAD
Signal captured in the Detroit area in the 1980s, broadcasted to the world since then.
The m_thread project is a relatively young alter ego of DJ and promoter mAd4Ce, who has been active on the music scene since 1999. He started out with jungle and freetekno music, but for the last 23 years he hasn't shied away from any new musical influences and has been actively mapping the electronic music of times past.

✼Starting in September, we are launching a new partnership between Radio Punctum and Petrohradská kolektiv as a merger of the two platforms. You can look forward to regular live broadcasts of dj sessions from Klub Petrohradská, as well as fully hosted radio sessions from the Cinema located in the premises of Petrohradská. We are also preparing special collaborative events that will take place in the gallery space.
We also now have two broadcast days - Mondays live in Petrohradská kolektiv and Thursdays online streamed shows.
Petrohradská kolektiv is an artistic initiative with its own production, dramaturgy and spaces for experimental and contemporary art.
Radio Punctum is a DIY community online radio that has been mapping the music scene since 2015.
We look forward to opening this new chapter for both platforms.

Kontinuální činnost Petrohradská kolektiv je finančně podpořena v roce 2023 Ministerstvem kultury ČR, Magistrátem hlavního města Prahy a Městskou částí Prahy 10.

The continuous activity of the Petrohradská kolektiv is financially supported in 2023 by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Prague City Hall and the Prague 10 Municipality.