Uroboros Loops: How to Art with AI

08. 07. 2023


As we dive deeper into the digital age, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionize various sectors, including artistic practice.
There's a growing enthusiasm as well as apprehension among artists and creative practitioners regarding the possible implications of AI and the futures it might bring about. Questions arise, for instance, around the co-creative process of AI-media synthesis stemming from deep artistic exploration of AI tools: How to balance and cross-pollinate the inputs of human artists and AI algorithms in a co-creative process? How can we use AI to creatively engage our emotional presence and bodily experiences? What hiccups and glitches can happen on the way?

In response to these questions and concerns, we are hosting "How to Art with AI: Co-Creation and Collective Imagination with AI Algorithms" - a public event of the Uroboros Festival's year-long program, Uroboros Loops. This gathering seeks to shed light on the potentialities of human-AI co-creation, drawing on insights derived from a collaborative two-day research workshop with AI artists and other experts.

We invite individuals from all walks of life - artists, students, musicians, programmers, journalists, and anyone interested in AI - to join us in this exploration. The co-creative event invites all attendees to engage in a participatory experimentation with the collaborative possibilities of AI and discuss the diverse roles of AI in art and creativity.

Participating artists and researchers:
Zuzana Husárová (theorist & poet working with AI / Liza Gennart / Digital Arts AFAD Bratislava),
Scy Heidekamp (AI artist / Seyhan Lee),
Moisés Horta Valenzuela (sound artist working with neural synthesis / Hexorcismos),
Alexa Steinbrück (AI artist & programmer & researcher / AI+D Lab at HfG Schwäbisch-Gmünd / KITeGG)
Laura Juliane Wagner (embodiment aspects of AI / Köln International School of Design (KISD) / KITeGG)
Enrique Encinas (designer & associate professor / Oslo School of Architecture and Design / Uroboros Festival)
Tereza Stehlíková (artist & researcher / Tangible Territories)
Georgy Bagdasarov (interdisciplinary artist / FAMU Prague)
David Kořínek (artist / Rafani / FUD UJEP)Curated by Lenka Hámošová (artist & researcher focusing on participatory AI media synthesis / FAMU Prague / Uroboros Festival)

The Uroboros Festival is a creative confluence where art, design, and research practitioners unite, collectively experimenting with an array of innovative methods aimed at catalyzing positive transformation in our precarious and delicate global landscape. Throughout the year, the Uroboros collective concentrates on an array of focused research and educational undertakings. These multifaceted activities gradually build momentum, ultimately crescendoing in the annual festival – a vibrant manifestation of Uroboros year-round endeavors.

Join the CREATIVE AI Meetups at Petrohradská Kolektiv, starting in September 2023. CREATIVE AI Meetups represent a collaborative initiative aimed at connecting, sharing, and fostering cooperation. With a primary emphasis on creative AI and critical practice, our objective is to delve into the realms of creative human-computer co-creation, exploring both the potential and boundaries of this intersection. To learn more about our meetups, kindly reach out to us via email at creativeai@uroboros.design.

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