Liaman Khankishiyeva
William Holm ~
MA fine Art Showcase

10. 05. 2019

Vstupné: dobrovolné
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Final year Prague College MA Fine Art Students Liaman Khankishiyeva and William Holm one-day showcase exhibition. There is a place between tradition and innovation we call culture. The current state of this dichotomy has been an area of research and interest for William Holm and Liaman Khankishiyeva. Approaching the subject matter from two very different sides, together they look into our habits and tendencies in the interaction between old and new.

Holm, raised in Oslo, focuses on technology and its impact on cognitive functions through the impact of media in an urban environment, while Khankishiyeva is looking to analogue expressions imposed by material necessities and culture, inspired by her home city of Baku.

They are meeting in Prague, a meridian between their two home cities, for a dialogue which looks past dichotomy and into a third place between habit and free will. Through sculpture, sound and video, they create an environment built to gently induce mindfulness and reflection in a post-industrial technology-reliant society.

photo archiv Petrohradská kolektiv