Belarusian Fucked Up Cinema / PART 1 /
free entry + Q&A

Kino Petrohradská

10. 01. 2022 

Belarusian Fucked Up Cinema / PART 2 /
free entry + Q&A

12. 01. 2022

Get Your Hopeless Cinema Fix: Belarusian Films Take Over Kino Petrohradská
Join us for a special two-night event featuring the coolest Belarusian films of 2022 at Kino Petrohradská in Prague.
Experience the raw and rebellious world of Belarusian Cinema Konchenyy (translated as Hopeless or Fucked Up), a movement that pushes the boundaries of traditional film production and explores the depths of artistic expression through no-budget, genre-defying films that refuse to conform to societal norms.

On the first night, don't miss Viktor Lebedev and Anna Den's FAMILY MAN, a harrowing exploration of a young father driven to murder his wife and daughter in a fit of rage. Next up is Vladimir Kozlov's SUMMER OF '89, a coming-of-age tale set in the tumultuous summer of 1989 in Belarus.

On the second night, we'll be showing the Czech premiere of the highly acclaimed A DATE IN MINSK by Nikita Lavretski, winner of the Best Film in International Competition at Doclisboa. Follow the tumultuous relationship of Nikita and Volha as they navigate their place in both their personal and national histories. The screening will be preceded by a cinematic mixtape of short films selected by the director, showcasing the true, authentic, and majestic Minsk.

Don't miss out on these unique and powerful films. Whether you're a hardcore cinephile or just curious about Belarusian cinema, there's something for everyone at this event. See you there!

Free Admission
Tuesday 10 January | 19.00Introduced by Nikita Lavretski. Followed by a Zoom Q&A with the filmmakers.

Family Man (Viktor Lebedev and Anna Den, 2022, 72 mins) | Offline World Premiere
A young father loses control and murders his wife and daughter in a fit of rage. As he faces the consequences, he plots to escape justice by ending his own life.

Summer of ‘89 (Vladimir Kozlov, 2022, 82 mins) | International Premiere
Five 17-year-old high school graduates embark on a camping trip that becomes a test of character and a glimpse into their adult lives on the cusp of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Thursday 12 January | 20.30
Introduced by Nikita Lavretski and Christopher Small. Followed by a Q&A with Lavretski.

Minsk: A Cinematic Mixtape (curated by Nikita Lavretski)
A collection of film haikus showing the unique Minsk atmosphere, made by famous filmmakers and anonymous police videographers alike.

A Date in Minsk (Nikita Lavretski, 2022, 88 mins) | Czech Premiere
Nikita and Volha have been maintaining a dysfunctional relationship for the past 8 years. In the following movie they play fictional Nikita and Volha who have only just met.

“Poignant” — Screen Daily
“Impressive” — Slant Magazine
“Forces me to rethink everything, especially my films” — Radu Jude, Golden Bear winnerZobrazovat míň

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