Noise Kitchen Cassette Release x ABHI

11. 07. 2024 


Now this is a celebration of our community, alright?

Running Order:
17:00 - Community dinner
18:00 - Open Jam (1)
19:30 - Cassette Release - Open Jams 2023
20:00 - Bramborack presentation with ABHI
20:30-22:00 Open Jam (2)

Come and get an early start to the evening.
Beer, vegan food and friends.
Everybody is invited - even if you're coming for the first time.
Please, RSVP for the dinner, so we have enough food for everybody.
We’ve compiled 5 Open Jam recordings from 2023 and picked our favorite bits.
Now we are releasing those bits on cassette, so you can listen to it on your walkman.Recorded live at Petrohradská kolektiv in 2023.
Music by all the lovely people who played at Open Jams in 2023.
The Bramborack Open Call is aimed for the local sound artists interested in eurorack modular synthesizers.
Our latest resident of our NK Bramborack Open Call at Petrohradská kolektiv - ABHI will present his art he created while using the Noise Kitchen Bramborack synthesizer.
Abhi is an artistic researcher who approaches sounds and it’s variables of propagation from positions of a sound designer, music ةcomposer, audiovisual performer and an educator. He explores compositional and performative approaches to electronic music where diverse sonic origins and visual interfaces converge.
Live music playground. Everyone is welcome, no matter if you're a skilled musician or a beginner. Let's meet and play together or just come hang out, listen to the music and have a drink.
You can bring your instrument(s). And if you don't have any, that's cool too, we have some to share.
If you already know you want to come or discuss any details, let us know at: - it will give us a rough idea of what to expect. But it's ok if you decide to come last minute too.
Feel free to ask about anything!

There are a few important things we would like you to read before joining the Open Jam:
✦ While we are known to be a synth-focused group, acoustic and amplified instruments are ok to bring and plug in too! Just note the time for setup is limited and the space in the mixing desk too, be timely.
✦ If you want to join the jam with your live improv visuals, get in touch via the contact below.
✦ We will divide the jam into +-45 min segments to give you time to breathe and give space for people to join in.
✦ Again, please note that the table space and the number of inputs is limited. Come soon enough.
✦ Bring your own cables if you can.
✦ Entry: free donations - we appreciate any contribution if you can afford one. The collected money will be used to supply new cables, batteries, and any other material accessories for Noise Kitchen Jams and Workshops

1. Come early if you want to secure a spot. We will keep max 5-6 people playing at once. We will try to do rounds - 2 or 3 - so the people that didn't fit in the beginning can join. We will try our best for everyone to have a go, but we cannot guarantee it!
2. The possibility to sync is optional. Before each part of them jam we discuss how we synchronise the clock or if we play without it. Bring midi cables and/or HW utilities or long sync cables if you can and want to. Our resources are limited and we never know in advance what you bring to the table.
—This event is organized in partnership with Petrohradská kolektiv.

Kontinuální činnost Petrohradská kolektiv je v roce 2024 finančně podpořena Ministerstvem kultury ČR, Hlavním městem Praha, Městskou částí Praha 10. Noise Kitchen aktivity jsou v letošním roce podpořeny Ministerstvem kultury ČR.

The continuous activity of the Petrohradská kolektiv is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the City of Prague, and the Municipal District of Prague 10. Noise Kitchen activities are supported this year by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.