LIVE RADIO PUNCTUM / Kino Petrohradská


11. 09. 2023 

• LIVE •

18  00  Tentacity by Ida Elastix
19  00  Dance in Slow Motion by Brigitte Noir
20 00  [dis/tance] by Yadel & Kredenc
21  00  Raketón by MA*

Come join us for the LIVE DJ session at Kino Petrohradská

All streamed also live on

Tentacity by Ida Elastix
Prague-based artist and DJ - Ida Elastix has created an imaginary world of Tentacity. Artists, music producers, record label representatives and others are invited to share information about their work and to contribute to Tenacity's soundscape. Here, you can listen to rare frequencies from far corners of the ocean and get some sneak peeks into their origins.

Dance in Slow Motion by Brigitte Noir
Brigitte Noir selects the finest deep slo-mo house and disco. 115 BPM is the key.
Brigitte Noir hosts the show "Dance In Slow Motion" on Radio Punctum ever since 2018. What she brings to the table is her unique selection of tracks from genres such as dark disco, electro and indie dance.

[dis/tance] by Yadel & Kredenc
Kredenc (co-curator of Lunchmeat Festival) and Yadel (member of dvoika.troika, lazytempo) have been DJs, collectors and promoters since the 90's. They both started with techno and jungle records and have developed their sound in a uniquely eclectic style. From acoustic jazz, field recordings and abstract downtempo to club and experimental music with a distinctive instinct for building atmosphere.

Raketón by MA*
Raketón - music of the future from the past. Mostly electronic.

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