Sara Andreasson ~
Tracing Outlines    

16. 10. - 23. 10. 2019

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16. 10. 2019
︎6pm  Opening

Tracing Outlines is a series of works that originates from an earlier interest in pop culture trends such as primitive technology and computer games with a strategic aim e.g. Heroes of Might and Magic where the player discover unexploited land and claiming its natural resources to be able to build an empire. As unknown land in the game is discovered the map takes shape and creates its own composition from an aerial perspective. Today the aerial view is more accessible than earlier thanks to drones and they have become a current counterpart to the birds eye view.

In Tracing Outlines I have used the map as a foundation for thoughts and making. A map has the ability to help us navigate and find our way from point A to point B, how to maneuver through a certain grid, either by roads or trails that are marked with lines by different color or shape. But there is an absence of the horizontal perspective which describes the skyline. During my residency I’ve been researching Prague and its hilly landscape where man-made trails cover parts of its big forests. An organic grid made to feint gravity which shape is akin to the city's meandering river pushing its way forward and over time it has earned its organic shape. Inside of the city the terrain is characterized by other actions. Residential lots have been evened out in stair-like shapes to avoid tilting gardens and courtyards. A resemblance of flatness where only selected flowers and plants grow.

Sara Andreasson’s (1992, Gothenburg) work is based on everyday materials and products that relate to contemporary structures, trends and lifestyle choices. By using the materials and their inherent associations and immanent values she construct and compose work whose narrative varies depending on the observers knowledge and experience of these materials. Her reference point are popular cultural phenomena found in our daily environment as they reflect trends and patterns we are affected by and while working she dissects them in an attempt to understand and make a suggestion to why these trends and/or objects are important to us at this point in time.

photo Marie Leličová

At the Edge from Sara Andreasson on Vimeo.

Projekt zahraničních rezidencí Petrohradská kolektiv a celoroční výstavní činnost Jedna Dva Tři gallery je  v roce 2019 podporován hl. M. Prahou, Státním fondem kultury ČR a Městskou částí Praha 10.

Petrohradská kolektiv Residency Project and Exhibition Program Jedna Dva Tři Gallery is supported in 2019 by the City of Prague, the State Fund of Culture of the Czech Republic and the City District of Prague 10.