︎In Praise of Nothing


Kino Petrohradská

17. 05. 2022 
17.30 / 20:00 

FRANCE · CROATIA · SERBIA · 2017 · 78 min

DIRECTOR:  Boris Mitić

CAST: Iggy Pop

language: English

subtitles: English

entry: Donation

IMDB 7.2/10
ČSFD 81 %

Kino Petrohradská, in collaboration with dramaturg Christopher Small, will present a documentary parody by Serbian director Boris Mitić, Praise of Nothing, from 2017, in two screenings.

“A whistleblowing documentary parody about Nothing.” That is how the filmmakers describe In Praise of Nothing. In fact, Nothing is the only protagonist of this essay-like film. An ironic and unflinchingly critical monologue, delivered in simple rhymes and with the voice of Iggy Pop, accompanied by captivating and succinctly expressive footage shot by several dozen people all over the world with the assignment to “shoot nothing.” (MFDF Ji.hlava)

Provoz kulturních aktivit Petrohradská kolektiv je v roce 2022 finančně podpořen Ministerstvem kultury ČR, Magistrátem hlavního města Prahy, a Městskou částí Prahy 10.

The production of the cultural activities of the Petrohradská kolektiv is financially supported in 2022 by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Municipality of the City of Prague, and the Municipal District of Prague 10.