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JEDNA DVA TŘI GALLERY is showcasing emerging artists since 2016 in Prague.

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Anton Polyakov
Maxim Polyakov ~     
Memory like Hydraulics    

18. 11. - 29. 11. 2019

Vstupné: dobrovolné
Entry: donation

18. 11. 2019
︎6pm  Opening

Anton Polyakov (b.1990) and Maxim Polyakov (b.1988) both from Tiraspol (Moldova, Transnistrian region). For them photographic images are the main material for work and at the same time the object of exploring. Combining different types of production of photo images, artists explore new spaces of memory that appeared as a result of technological progress, the availability of photographic equipment and acquired a mass character of reproduction in the digital era.

Maxim participates in art projects in the Republic of Moldova, collaborating with local art organizations: Oberliht (Moldova Young Artists Association) and KSA: K (Center for Contemporary Art). Working with installations, communication spaces and public art, he addresses the themes of collective memory and transformations of post-Soviet society.

Anton Polyakov is a freelance photographer, living and working in Transnistria and Republic of Moldova. Anton is interested in the topic of historical and cultural memory in the region in which he resides, as well as younger generations born in the unrecognized republics after the collapse of the Soviet Union: the question of their personal identification, the influence of the uncertain status of the country and what they face in their daily lives.

Anton has participated in many exhibitions and festivals in Europe. His works have been published in international media such as British Journal of Photograhy, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Vice etc.

photo Marie Leličová

Projekt zahraničních rezidencí Petrohradská kolektiv a celoroční výstavní činnost Jedna Dva Tři gallery je  v roce 2019 podporován hl. M. Prahou, Státním fondem kultury ČR a Městskou částí Praha 10.

Petrohradská kolektiv Residency Project and Exhibition Program Jedna Dva Tři Gallery is supported in 2019 by the City of Prague, the State Fund of Culture of the Czech Republic and the City District of Prague 10.