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JEDNA DVA TŘI GALLERY is showcasing emerging artists since 2016 in Prague.

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KAFE PETROHRADSKÁ is refreshing us with freshly brewed coffee since 2019.

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Makkali_org ~
Black sea      

21. 08. - 30. 08. 2019

Vstupné: dobrovolné
Entry: donation

21. 08. 2019
︎7pm  Opening 

︎6pm  Artist Talk 
︎8pm  DJ set by Mor Wen

Makkali_org is an collective_an artist run non space. Makkali is prepared from various types of vegetables. Let`s be united by our variety. Various ways lead to the sea - ours ended on the
Black Sea`s coast. I wish we all were on vacation - being elsewhere opens new ways of existence. Let’s celebrate new ways and prepare a sustainable makkali future.

photo Edita Štrajtová

Výstavní program Petrohradská kolektiv z.s. na rok 2019 byl podpořen Státním fondem kultury ČR, Magistrátem hlavního města Prahy a Městskou části Praha 10.

Exhibition program Petrohradská kolektiv z.s. is supported in 2019 by the State Fund of Culture of the Czech Republic, the City of Prague, and the City District of Prague 10.