Collective Drawing Session #8

ve studiu na Petrohradské
22. 07. 2024 17:00

Vstupné: dobrovolné
Entry: donation

꧁ We would like to invite you to collective drawing session on the 22nd of July!

Whether you can draw or not doesn't matter, what counts is your desire to spend good time among other drawing enthusiasts. Let's gather together to sketch still lifes or each other's portraits. Bring along your favorite sketchbook and drawing materials, but if you don't have any, we'll provide them for you.

꧁ One important note - this event is not a workshop, there won't be any teacher or lecturer present.The main idea of these meetings is to enjoy drawing without worrying about how good we are. Let's draw freely and without judgment.

꧁ Try to bring your own supplies. If you want to try a technique you don't have the supplies for, add it into the registration form down below.Looking forward to seeing you there!

꧁ Please, register through this form:

If you have any questions, contact and (please add both to the e-mail message).

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