Aloïs Yang
Al Yakubouskaya ~  
On the Search of the Blurred Borderline Between Being & Believing  

22. 11. - 04. 12. 2018

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22. 11. 2018 
︎7pm  Opening

︎8pm  Audiovisual Concert – Micro Loop Macro Cycle by Aloïs Yang
︎9pm  Interactive installation-based-performance – On the search of the blurred borderline between “being” and “believe” by Aloïs Yang and Al Yakubouskaya

The exhibition On the search of the blurred borderline between “being” and “believe” presents Aloïs Yang’s ongoing interests on the crossing line between natural phenomena and human artefacts, in the format of one-off-generative and time-space-specific installation and performance with Al Yakubouskaya.

The focal point of this project is to present the inner interplay between “being and believe”, in the context of “nature and un-nature” on an individual experiential level. To be more precise, the driven forces behind the transitional process from being nature to believing un-nature, from believing nature to being un-nature, from believing un-nature to being nature, and from being un-nature to believing nature.

“ I aim to rise the notion of the separation we consciously created with the nature realm, to position ourself as observer, to understand it intellectually, and establish relationship based on our needs. On the other hand, the capabilities of connecting with the nature unconsciously, when mind and body has no separation, to place ourself as whole, and to be one within. I see shifting this two states as a resilience in responds to ever-cycling environment, also a natural quality as a human-being.“ 
Alois Yang

On the Search of the Blurred Borderline Between “Being” and “Believe” from Aloïs Yang on Youtube.

Projekt zahraničních rezidencí Petrohradská kolektiv  je v roce 2018 podporován Ministerstvem kultury České republiky.

Petrohradská kolektiv Residency Project is supported in 2018 by the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic.