Uroboros: Creative AI meet-up #3 / Experimenting with Video Stylization w/ Daniel Sýkora & David Kunz

ve studiu Petrohradské

31. 10. 2023 19:00

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Join us for an interactive session with our guests from the Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction (FEL ČVUT), Daniel Sýkora and David Kunz. Dive into a collective exploration of innovative tools they’ve crafted, enabling artists to creatively interact with Artificial Intelligence.

Their department’s ongoing research has led to the creation of a pioneering tool for interactive video stylization. This tool uniquely enables artists to sketch on paper, and, using webcam input, dynamically stylize real-time video footage. What’s more, it’s been optimized for text input, allowing video stylization based on text prompts.

During this session, you’ll get hands-on experience with the tool and engage in enriching discussions with its creators. Bring your artistic curiosity and imagination to the table!
This event is part of Days of AI Prague 2023

Prof. Ing. Daniel Sýkora, Ph.D.
Daniel Sýkora is a professor at the Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague. He leads a research group focused on the development of algorithms that help artists and animators in their work. Their goal is to eliminate repetitive time-consuming tasks while preserving the uniqueness of the hand-created artwork, thus providing full creative freedom.

David Kunz
Computer Science student at CTU in Prague, working towards a Master's degree in AI and Machine Learning. David's focus is on video stylization as part of his master's thesis. Outside of academia, he has worked on several projects as a frontend engineer.

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