BYE 2K19 UniPetroⱢ = NYE ~ Ancestral Vision / notsureyet / Evil Medvěd live / NEW MAGIC MEDIAMartyynabilej kluk dzurillahdirrtinaIbrahim Armanivvesly

atmo makers: Blinde crew

31. 12. 2019 19:00 

200,- Kč till 23:00

250,- Kč after 23:00

Here we go again, 2 years later, Unizone and Petrohradská kolektiv have teamed up to serve you their New Year’s UNIPETROⱢ menu with following courses.

• YOU •
It’s Tuesday, and you didn’t have to work, but you're not staying home tonight. It´s happening again, the pressure to go somewhere. All of your friends are. You’re plagued by the fear of missing out on a special experience or a chance encounter. It´s the end of 2019 and time to welcome the dawn of a new decade, 2020, the return of the even-numbered years, the year of the metal rat, maybe more like the mental rat. Every year, it’s the same chaos; it’s loud everywhere, you’re squeezing through gigantic crowds, still sipping your first drink and it’s only 5pm. You're starting to realize you wouldn't want to be alone when it all starts from the very beginning again.

• US •
Petrohradska is artist-run initiative focusing on providing a platform for artists. Once again, we’re opening our doors and welcoming you with an all night long soireé. Featuring an early start (7pm) and a late finish (until you decide to stop dancing), we are inviting you to a place that is neither a club nor a pub, but a former chocolate factory that will once again unveil some of its secrets. Fire barrels will be keeping you warm in the courtyard, and your favourite elevator spot will be opened. If you need to take a breath, slip inside our cafe, treat yourself to hot tea or a flat white and take a drag of your cigarette. Or just dive straight into the party crowd and lose your mind. It’s your choice, we will not judge you, we're your friends.

Unizone is a Prague-based experimental and hybrid clubbing crew. Founded by Ancestral Vision and notsureyet in 2018, their mark "unizone" signifies a safe space for people from various scenes or social bubbles to enjoy, mix and mingle. Their music taste has evolved into hard electronic styles, as you can hear on the latest mixes and releases of Unizone netlabel. 2019 brought not only their own regular show on Radio 1, but also a killer release by Dj Loser & XIAO QUAN.


Hudební program v rámci živého umění Petrohradská kolektiv je podpořen v roce 2019 Hl. městem Praha, Ministerstvem kultury ČR a Státním fondem kultury ČR.

photo archiv Petrohradska kolektiv