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For studio lease, send us your portfolio to

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For the program go to: www.kinopetrohradska.cz

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JEDNA DVA TŘI GALLERY is showcasing emerging artists since 2016 in Prague.

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For inquiries, information about gallery or gallery program, contact us on

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Exhibition program 2021 has ended.
We are looking forward to your visits in 2022.

KAFE PETROHRADSKÁ is refreshing us with freshly brewed coffee since 2019.

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☕️️For reservations up to 30 people, send us an email or call 

︎ kafe@petrohradskakolektiv.com
︎ +420 720 519 563

Mon — Fri
/ 10am — 10pm 
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We congratulate the selected artists and look forward to their work, which will be publicly presented in the form of exhibitions, artist talks, special events or screenings and shared online on our websites.

Thank you all for your sharing your talent, participation and effort. The selection of final works was not easy this year either, and we were pleased with both the quality and the number of applications.


Kate Walton (GB)

Maria Thran (DE)

Robert Lisek (PL)

Karolina Rybaciauskaite (LT)

Fatine - Violette Sabiri (CA)